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A student at the Westinghouse Industrial Vocation School on Chicago's West Side, May 1973. (John H. White/National Archives and Records Administration) A band performs at the Lake Meadows Shopping Center in Chicago, in August of 1973. Not well known, they are sharing their music at home, hoping it will lead to greater recognition. (John H. White/NARA Workers pass the time playing checkers on East 35th Street before going to work in Chicago, May 1973. (John H. White/NARA) Members of Chicago's South Side community line a portion of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Drive to watch the Bud Billiken Day Parade, August 1973. South Side group of children in a playground at 40th and Drexel Boulevard, October 1973. (John H. White/NARA) Sidewalk merchandise on Chicago's South Side, June 1973. (John H. White/NARA)

America in the 1970s: Chicago’s African-American Community

Day 3 of Documerica Week on In Focus — a new photo essay each day, featuring regions of the U.S. covered by the photographers of the Documerica Project in the early 1970s. Today’s subject is Chicago’s African-American community, primarily the South Side, documented by photographer John H. White, who went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Photojournalism in 1982.  [Continue reading and view more photographs at The Atlantic.]


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